Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Your Company's Brand Well Represented on the Internet?

Consumers today are much more sophisticated and savvy about researching information on the Internet about what they want to buy and where to buy it. With the rise in popularity and power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the consumer now has even more ways to assess information about what they want to purchase. People across the globe use social media very vocally to convey their likes and dislikes - meaning that it is really important to ensure that your brand is well represented on throughout social media.

This means that linking up with Facebook and Twitter is not really enough. To ensure that you are well represented in this important arena, you need to expand your horizons to include other social media outlets like Flickr, LinkedIn, and even YouTube to name a few.

It requires the attention of someone within your company on a routine basis too. You can't just "be there" and not interact...that can cause problems for you. It is not just good enough to provide links with these social media platforms - you must also ensure that you interact with people properly so that it has the positive effect you are seeking. You need to take advantage of the opportunity to provide quality communications that will prove to be effective rather than just get your brand linked randomly with no thought to the process.

Social media platforms should be selected carefully to ensure that you are using the ones that are most advantageous to your brand and the type of interaction that you want from them. Therefore, it means you need to research which ones will produce the positive effect you are looking for and use the highest quality of content that will attract the customers you want.

In addition to social media, you should monitor what folks are saying on other websites as well. Blogging is not dead - in fact the rise of social media has bolstered many bloggers and created additional traffic to their sites. Engage in the conversations on these blogs. Do you have a blog for your company? If so, invite guest bloggers to write for you about their experience with a particular product or service. Get engaged - this will provide you with loads of crucial marketing data that you can't get through traditional means.

These are just a few ways to ensure that your company is well represented on the Internet. We will feature more ways and tips in future articles. Do you have an idea that we should explore? If so, feel free to let us know via a comment or email.

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