Friday, March 25, 2011

Final New Article of the Week

Finally, here's our last offering for the week. This article is titled, "Business Cards Make Good Sense for Job Seekers" and it is loaded with great tips for those folks who are currently looking for new employment.

Check it out:

"You could easily swing the vote in your favor with something as simple as a personal business card. A personal business card can have the usual contact information on the front of it with your name, address, e-mail, website, and phone numbers - as well as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. But you can dramatically change your card to include a mini resume on the reverse side listing your degrees, certifications and other unique characteristics that make you the most qualified for the job you are interviewing for. You can even personalize these cards for each interview to ensure that the information about your qualifications is perfectly suited for each company and position."

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Another New Article from CCA

Here's another new, fresh article that we just published. Let us know what you think of it. We would enjoy hearing from you.

This article is entitled, "Punch Cards Create Customer Loyalty" - here's a little snippet:

"Punch cards have been around a long time and are often called customer loyalty cards as they create as easy way to get repeat customers coming back to purchase a car wash or a latte so that when you have purchased ten you get a free car wash or a free cup of coffee. These loyalty cards do not really offer something for nothing as you have to keep coming back in order to qualify for the free product or service - but businesses use these cards because often a person doesn't just buy the coffee when they get their card punched. Customers may purchase a pastry or muffin to go with it, so they are spending more than the price of the coffee."

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Check Out Our Latest Article: "Made in America - Why That is So Important"

At Color Card Administrator, we're working hard to create relevant, intriguing articles for business professionals and entrepreneurs. We hope you'll find these articles to be helpful. Here's a snippet of one of the latest articles we've published:

"In today's tough economy it is more and more important that we support the USA by buying products that are made here so that we can support the jobs here in our own country. It takes a little bit of effort but all you have to do is look a little further on a label or package to see where it is made. Often a product that is made in the USA is competitively priced with products made elsewhere so that is an even better reason to purchase USA made products."

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Card Administrator Announces the Ability to Order 250 Business Cards

Color Card Administrator is pleased to announce the ability to now order business cards in quantities of 250 now from all of their websites.
"250 card quantities are great for new entrepreneurs and for those occupations that don't require heavy business card usage. With new business startups, ordering 250 business cards will save them a few bucks in start up costs, but still give them high quality, professionally designed and printed business cards along with our superior customer service experience," says Gayle Hawks, President of CCA.

So, if you're looking to order new business cards for your new business start up, we encourage you to check out all of the great offerings at CCA's flagship website,

The great looking image used above for this post belongs to Kirsty Pargeter, who is one of the Featured Artists for Color Card Administrator. We encourage you to check out Kirsty's great (and always growing) portfolio of professionally designed business cards.

CCA is "Getting Busy" in Google Rankings

Okay, it's time for a little shameless self promotion. We don't do it very often, so that makes it okay...right? :)

We've been working hard recently on some various SEO strategies and we're pleased to say that it is working! now shows up on the first page of Google results for the term "Business Cards". Can we just share that, while it might sound trivial to many folks who read this, it's an incredible accomplishment. That silly term, "business cards" is an incredibly competitive term. Best of all...we're ranking there organically (not via Paid Search).

So yes, we're proud of it! Thanks for letting us bask in our self-promotion for a moment. Okay - now we're off to keep working hard.


Friday, March 18, 2011

CCA's Latest Press Release Gets Some Great Coverage

CCA's latest press release regarding the exciting new launch of the Easy Card Designer System is getting some awesome coverage. We've been featured on MSNBC's website and Yahoo Finance. We're hopeful that it will be seen on even more well-known, well-respected websites shortly. We're also confident that we'll see a boost in sales for the members of our Featured Artist Community.

Curious about joining our Featured Artist Community? Take a moment and visit our website that's dedicated solely to our artists at to learn more.

Advantages of Two Sided Business Cards

Just about everyone carries a business card today no matter if you are a chef, a gardener or a dog trainer - even if you are a small business owner who works out of his home. It makes it easier to give someone your telephone number or email address without having to write it down. Business cards can be used for far more than just supplying a name and contact information and your website or Facebook account information.

Business Cards Can Be Multi-Purpose

For the gardener or the chef or even the dog trainer, they usually have to make appointments to carry on business. Likewise a hair dresser or an electrician has to make appointments - so why not use the reverse side of the business card to jot down the appointment and give to the customer? Doctors and dentists of have been using two sided business cards for years but it is now catching on that the small business owner can do the same thing!

Showcase Your Services

Another terrific idea to use for the reverse side of your business card is to list the types of services that you specialize in. A gardener can say that there is weekly or monthly maintenance and tree removal services. A dog trainer can say he holds classes for age groups or specializes in a particular method of training. The chef might have cooking classes that you are not even aware of until you see it on the back of the business card!

Market Your Wares

The blank space on your business card's back side is ideal as a place to advertise! It is a golden opportunity not to be missed so you should take advantage of it. Use the space to make people aware of ALL of your services. A client might not know the extent of your services or product lines unless you make them aware of them. It is an inexpensive marketing tool that will surely increase your sales and will definitely lead to new customers. Find a great business card printer who specializes in two-sided business card services. It is an easy way to advertise and keep people informed about your business.

Gayle Hawks is President of Color Card Administrator (CCA). CCA is comprised of a combination of online industries involving cheap business card, stock photography, and e-commerce business cards software licensing. to

Personal Cards Don't Have to be for Business

Business cards are an important staple in the business world as a means of communication and introduction. This extends into the small business community and self-employed where just about any business owner has created a card to market his or her business.

When Business Becomes Personal

But business cards don't just have to be about business. They can also be personal. Most people today communicate via email or their cell phones for text messaging as well as phone conversations. Whether you are a student, a housewife or a clerk in a drug store you probably use these means of communication – and you probably should have a personal business card so you can easily transmit this information to others.

Personal Cards Introduce Your Information and You

Like calling cards of days gone by when people left their cards in a tray when they visited, personal cards have become a form of introduction and a means of relaying personal information without writing it down on a scrap of paper. Everyone has a phone number - sometimes more than one - along with an e-mail address, a Facebook or Twitter account and often their own website whether they have a business or not.

Unlike a scrap of paper that is easily lost, a personal card is more distinctive especially if you use color or a graphic that stands out in the crowd. It is a great means of communication when you meet someone new or want to establish your identity to someone.Personal business cards can also display other information about you if you have a part-time business like a band or that you belong to a biking club or other activities.

Keep in Touch With Your Personal Card

Personal cards are a means of keeping in touch with friends and when you meet someone new, it is so easy to hand them a card rather than explain everything or try to find a pen or piece of paper. If you are looking for a job, it is a great way to introduce yourself to a prospective employer who should be impressed that you have your own personal business card.

Use a Photo on Your Business Card

Some might think that having a photograph on a business card is a little bit hokey – especially when it is a picture of you. But in some businesses, having your photo on your business card is an essential part of doing business. Other types of photos can also be used and might be more representative of the business that you are in - such as photography or a fishing boat charter business so you might have a photograph that represents the business rather than you.

A Photo Showcases Your Business

People have more confidence in your abilities when they see a photograph on your card because they like what they see. Realtors almost always have a photo of themselves on the card that readily identifies them for clients and potential customers. This will reassure people rather than put them off because people want to be comfortable with who they are doing business with.

A photographer might specialize in child portraits so that type of photo should be shown on the business card. If the person is a wildlife photographer you might see a photo of a lion or the other types of animals that he most often photographs. A charter boat owner or limousine company might show a photograph of his boat or limo on his card so the client knows exactly what he is going to be using.

First Impressions Are Important

A business card with a high quality photograph makes a great first impression and is always an important means of attracting new customers. Quality counts and if you take the time and effort to portray yourself and your business in such a positive way it will be worth the effort as business cards are usually the first things that a potential client sees – sometimes even before you have met. Photographs are great marketing tools that should enhance your business and attract customers while it shows off who you are and that you care about images as well as succeeding in your business.

So take a look at your business and decide if a photograph on your business card might not be a good idea for you and for your business. It is certainly worth looking into. It's not hard to find an online business card printing company that features photo business card services. Photo business cards are easy to create using the simple to use Card Editor at

Author Detals: Gayle Hawks is President of Color Card Administrator (CCA). CCA is comprised of a combination of online industries involving business cards, stock photography, and e-commerce Professional business cards software licensing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Color Card Administrator Launches New Revenue Producing "Easy Card Designer" System

SAN DIEGO, CA (3/14/11) Color Card Administrator (CCA), recently contracted to handle the business card processes for Annex Brands, today announced "Easy Card Designer;" a full-service business card design and e-commerce platform, designed to allow small and large businesses to offer online business card design and ordering through their websites.

Perfected over a 2-year beta test period, Easy Card Designer lets businesses set up a vendor platform and accept business card orders designed online in a few simple steps with virtually no effort.

Customers can design a card choosing from tens of thousands of card templates made available from the world's largest business card design community,

"We know through research that a majority of customers who order business cards also purchase other core products and tend to become repeat customers. By implementing Easy Card Designer, business owners are able to offer a value added service without the burden of processes related to ordering, printing and delivery of business cards," says Gayle Hawks, President of CCA.

In addition to being rolled out with Annex Brands, Easy Card Designer is currently being used by other independent and franchise owned companies such as Franchise Services (Sir Speedy / Pip Printing), UPS and Proforma.

To implement Easy Card Designer requires no investment. The profit generated from each customer transaction is shared between CCA and the licensee, while the licensee retains the sole rights to all registrations.

"Easy Card Designer is truly a win-win, turn-key solution. Besides providing businesses with a blazing fast method to generate additional revenue, we are also helping them expand their customer base by gaining new customers on the Internet," says Gayle Hawks.

For more information, visit

About Color Card Administrator (CCA)
CCA is a leading global provider of business card design solutions and related vendor platforms. Established in 2002, CCA currently provides business card related services through its websites and licensees. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA. The new Easy Card Designer system is already the business card system of choice with several large organizations.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Check Out Our Newest Category: Wind Energy Business Cards

We're working hard to create new categories for exciting occupations and services. Wind Energy is one of our newest categories and we think you'll be pleased with the great looking business card templates that our Featured Artist Community has created so far. Check back often to see more new templates. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll get our artists on the job designing a card specifically for you and your company! NO ONE ELSE can do that for you!