Monday, April 30, 2007

1300 New Card Templates!

With the addition of the Featured Artists Community, now has over 1300 new card templates available for your business or personal use. We are thrilled with the quality of the images and designs each of our artists have submitted. We look forward to the continued growth of our community of artists and the image library!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oleksiy Maksymenko is our newest Featured Artist

Oleksiy’s images are unique, colorful and cover a broad range of business usage. His images are perfect for cosmetologists, beauticians, Internet companies, environmental companies, and many, many more. Check out his extensive catalog of templates here. To learn more about Oleksiy and his photography, visit his personal site at

Update on the Contests for Images on

We announced the contests happening on a little over a month ago here in the blog. So far, we have had several submissions to our Real Estate contest, which look fantastic. We also have several artists who are doing their best to win the contest for the most templates submitted on the site. We have several artists who have sent in over 100 templates! Great job folks!

Please keep it up. We look forward to seeing more entries in the Massage/Spa category too! This is a very popular category on our site, so good templates will sell!

Thanks for the hard work everyone. We are encouraged by the great looking templates everyone has submitted. We hope to continue growing our Featured Artists Community and creating fantastic business card templates!

The templates attached to this post are contest submissions to our Real Estate and Massage/Spa contests.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annie Kitzman, newest artist to join

Annie is the newest artist to join the Featured Artists Community on Her work is great! Her designs range from simple to grandiose! All of her templates are colorful, sharp and professional. Since Annie is a professional photographer, you can be sure her business card templates are precise and eye-catching. Check out all of her designs here. To learn more about Annie and view her online portfolio, go to her website,

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mike Norton is now a Featured Artist!

Mike Norton, a self described ‘Old School’ photographer has joined the Featured Artists Community on Many of Mike’s images have appeared on numerous magazine covers over the past 20 years. The images Mike has provided are some of the best from his vast portfolio. His business card templates are incredible! Please take a look at all of them here. We are confident that one of Mike’s business card templates will be a great showpiece for your business.

Tracy McWhorter has joined the Featured Artist Community

Tracy has joined as a Featured Artist on Her photography comes as a result of a one year trip across the United States with her family. Many of her templates would be an excellent choice for local tourist operations or people who work near some of these nationally recognized landmarks. Learn more about where some of her beautiful images were photographed at the blog which chronicles her trip. Please be sure to look at all of her beautiful templates here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Business Card Designs that have been sold recently by Featured Artists

Here are some of the designs that have been sold recently on All of these images are from the Featured Artists Community.

Dom Castagnola has sold three different designs:

Stephen Burns has sold two different designs so far.

Karl-Erik Bennion has sold one card already too!

Burcu Arat Sup has sold one design so far too. She currently holds the 'quickness' record. Her first sale occurred less than 24 hours after joining our site! Nicely done Burcu!

Periodically we will highlight Featured Artist Card Designs that have been sold on the site. We are excited about the great designs all of the artists are bringing to our site.

Liz Van Steenburgh is now a Featured Artist on

We are pleased to announce that Liz Van Steenburgh has joined the Featured Artists Community on Liz has a variety of great looking business card templates that appeal to a broad range of businesses. Realtors, day spa owners, and florists will all be pleased with Liz’s creative images. She also has great landscape images and tasteful food images. With such an abundance of creative images, we are certain you will find one of her templates a great match for your business or personal use. View all of her templates here. Liz also maintains her own photography site at

Sunday, April 15, 2007

International graphic designer Burcu Arat Sup is now a Featured Artist!

With galleries in three different countries showcasing her photography and multiple online portfolios, you are sure to find a great image for your next business card from Burcu. Her extensive collection of photographs and illustrations has created some exciting business card templates. Check out all of her card designs here.

Burcu is also available for other design work. Please contact her through her website.

Friday, April 13, 2007 announces Darryl Brooks as the newest Featured Artist

“I shoot what I see,” says Darryl when asked about his photography. His templates span many genres, from landscapes, industrial, underwater and texture images. With so much variety, you are sure to find the perfect card for your business. Please take a few moments to look at all of his templates here.

Darryl also maintains his own website at He has over 3500 images in his collection. If you are looking for a specific image, please contact him directly through his website.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Talented Artist Toby Cummings joins

Soon to be a graduate from the University of South Dakota, Toby Cummings has joined the Featured Artists Community. Inspired by his mom, (Lynn Cummings) photography and graphic design background, Toby is finishing school with a degree in Visual Communications.

Toby has a keen interest in photography and art. He has over a dozen great business card templates ready to become the perfect showpiece for your company. Selecting one of his images is a great choice! Please see all of his templates here. If you are interested in using Toby for other design projects, please contact him through his website.

Business Card Templates from Ali Taylor are now available on

Looking for an exciting image to spice up your next business card? Ali’s images are colorful and inspiring. If you love the ocean, he has several great card templates waiting for you. Ocean scenes, landscapes, and other colorful images are all part of Ali’s portfolio. Check out all of his great designs here.

Ali also maintains an online gallery on Stock Xchng. He has many great images listed in his portfolio there.

Friday, April 6, 2007

International Business Cards by Okiron Design

International business is growing every day. If you have a firm conducting business around the world, you need business cards to which different types of people can relate. Okiron Design can assist you in creating a card that will be well received by your international customers.

If your company is involved in international business, ask to have a two sided business card created for you. They can assist you in creating a card that is for your Asian customers on one side, while the other side is printed in English. Create multiple cards in the languages of your largest or most important customers, suppliers or manufacturers. Whatever you choose for your company, using Okiron will ensure that your business card will truly be a unique showpiece for your company.

Elena Elisseeva is now featured on

Elena’s images are perfect for anyone who is seeking to create a high quality, professional looking business card. Attention to detail, brilliant colors and great subject matter make her cards very appealing. You are sure to create a business card that will set your company apart from any competition by using one of Elena’s images. Take a look at all of her exciting business card designs here.

Elena currently has over 3500 images available in various online galleries. If you would like to view more of her work, please visit her website at

Karl-Erik Bennion, ‘Keb’ is now a Featured Artist on

Karl-Erik Bennion has joined the Featured Artists Community. He has created several exciting business card templates which can be seen here. Using one of Keb’s images for your business card is an outstanding choice!

If you would like to enjoy what he refers to as “The incessant ramblings of Karl-Erik Bennion”, you may want to spend some time perusing His website is He has many examples of previously commissioned work along with his portfolio of advertising clients.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Value of Your Business Card

"The business card you receive from another speaks volumes about them and the firm they represent."

Your business card's quality, color, printing and graphics are messages you send to the world about your company. The card can convey innovation, trustworthiness, extravagance, daring, stylishness and much more.

"When you are next handed a business card, please know you are being provided with valuable information — information impossible to obtain, should one opt to simply input contact information into a BlackBerry. Be sure your business card reflects the image you strive to convey."

Read Karen Klein’s entire article in the here.

Morey Milbradt, the Most Recent Artist to join!

Morey K. Milbradt’s vision of ‘The Big Outside’ as he calls it, is one of wind sculptured rock, thunderous seashores, wildflowers in mountain valleys, colorful skies across the Sonoran Desert and everything in-between. He feels very blessed just to be able to be out and see God’s handiwork. His work has been published in many magazines, calendars and online. Morey’s attention to detail, light and color create stunning images perfect for anyone who desires to create a professional business card. Take a look at his designs here.

Morey also has his own website located at:

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Jack Newton’s Images, now available on

This incredibly unique gentleman has brought his unique images to Jack’s images span many different genres: construction scenes, beautiful flowers, bridges, lighthouse silhouettes, and his yellow lab Barley have all been made into great looking business cards.

Check out Jack’s templates to see if he has one that is perfect for your business, new startup or project.

Welcome Sally Farndon, our newest Featured Artist!

Sally Farndon is the newest Featured Artist to join Creating a card with an image by Sally is a great choice for any business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to create a great tool for their company. Sally’s colorful, detailed photography will convey a message of quality and professionalism to everyone who receives your business card.

Click here to see all of her exciting designs!

Michael Shake, newest Featured Artist on

We are very pleased that Michael Shake has joined our ever growing Featured Artists Community. Michael has brought some very exciting automotive, real estate, and gorgeous nature designs to our site. Please take some time to view his page here.

Creating a business card with one of Michael’s images is a sure-fire way to gain the upper hand over your competitors. A great looking business card is an inexpensive, yet versatile way to promote your company. Check out Michael’s designs today and create a great card for your business!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mike Denhof, newest Artist on

Mike’s images tend to convey a pleasant sense of calm and warmness, focusing on life’s natural wonders. Using one of his images for your business card can soften an otherwise dull or dry card and make your card stand out. Don’t be afraid to be creative or even deviant when customizing your business card. Make your coworkers jealous by spicing up your potentially “plain Jane” corporate card with some background imagery that’s both informative and pleasant to view!

Check out Mike’s fantastic business card designs today!

Allyson Ricketts,’s Newest Artist

Allyson is the newest artist to join the Featured Artists Community on She has many designs featured on her page. Please take a moment to see if one of her images is right for your business!

Allyson’s work has been featured in publications and several tradeshows. She also does custom work as well as commercial/stock artwork. Allyson also maintains her own website where you can view more of her art at

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Not So Good Old Days are a thing of the Past!

Remember when you went to order business cards and it took several weeks? It usually took two, three or more meetings to finalize artwork, proofs, colors and pricing to get your order started. Remember waiting impatiently for that final proof to be ready so you could make another trip to the designer or printer to approve it?

Well good news! You can now create and order a fantastic business card in minutes! Our Online Design system is the easiest way for you to create a business card that represents you or your company perfectly. The design options available are endless! We feature thousands of images (over 3000 and growing), a variety of fonts, 14pt. glossy and 12pt. uncoated stock, borders, back printing...the list goes on and on! You may also choose from our growing Featured Artists cards. These cards contain unique, extremely high quality images that will create a stunning card for your business. If you have already created a design for your company or wish to have a photo on your card, use our upload system to build a card that will make you proud. When you have created the card you like, you may view an online proof. You can even print it out if you choose.

However you choose to create your new card, the finished product will reflect quality. does NOT use copiers or inkjet printers to create your card. We print your card on one of our Heidelberg full color offset presses. From the quality of our artwork (Ad agency or better), to the heavy stock paper and the offset printing presses...your card reflects quality at every level.

The "not so good old days" are gone forever!