Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall is here with its Beautiful Colors and Cooler Temperatures has some awesome fall business card templates. Create a card for your customers with one of our fall images on it! Show them that your company is fresh and in tune with the changing of the seasons. Create a card with one of our Thanksgiving images on it.

Using seasonal cards for your company is a great way to ‘mix things up’ and add a little variety to your company image. We have many excellent fall and Thanksgiving templates. Check them out today and order one for your business!

Lidiya Drabchuk from Ariel Design Studio is now a Featured Artist

Lidiya is a professional graphic designer and illustrator from Seattle,WA. is pleased to have her join its Featured Artist Community.

“I design in many different styles and categories, so you can easily find a business card that is perfectly suited to your company,” says Lidiya.

Check out all of the great designs on Lidiya’s page. We are certain that you will enjoy her designs. She also maintains her own company website for Ariel Design Studio. Please take a moment to visit her website and learn more about all of the services Lidiya has to offer.

Monday, October 22, 2007

New Pages Added at

Every month we are adding new content to With the awesome help of our Featured Artists Community, we are constantly adding new images for a multitude of different business applications. We are also continuing to expand our library of card templates for personal use too.

Below are several new pages that have recently been added:

**Rocky Mountain Wildlife
**Law Enforcement
**Bookstore Business Cards
And Many, Many More!

We have also expanded our floral category to include separate pages for daisies, sunflowers, dahlias, roses, tulips, pansies, and more. Check them all out and find the perfect one for your business or personal use today!

Cindy Haggerty, Moments in Time Photography is pleased to announce that Cindy Haggerty has joined the Featured Artists Community. Cindy has a broad range of business card templates that will appeal to many different businesses and their needs. Check out all of her excellent templates here.

Cindy also has her own website, Moments in Time Photography. Please visit her site to see all of the services Cindy has to offer. If you see an image on her site or one of her stock sites that you would like to use on your next business card or in another media format, please contact Cindy through her website. Thanks for joining our community Cindy!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Asmaa Murad is now a Featured Artist at

Artist and graphic designer, Asmaa Murad is now part of the Featured Artist Community at

“I have worked with many multi-national companies and clients who have given me ample understanding of the different tastes as well as the aesthetics customers expect. I strive to provide the most creative outcome possible.”

Check out all of Asmaa’s extraordinary business card designs here. Links to her stock portfolios are also listed there if you would like to view them too. We are excited about having Asmaa’s work featured at

Card Orders and Additional Image Rights

There are a multitude of great benefits for you when you order a business card designed by one of our Featured Artists (unrivaled quality, professional design, and unique imagery are a few of the benefits). For business owners, one of the greatest benefits comes from the ability to purchase image rights directly from the artist.

One such example of this occurred recently with our customer Thad M. The business card he ordered was designed by Liz Van Steenburgh (it's the template shown above). He then contacted us about purchasing additional usage rights for brochures, letterhead and other business media. Our Customer Service department quickly put him in touch with Liz, who in turn directed him to purchase the image through one of her online stock photo portfolios.

"I was able to purchase the picture from Liz for only $5.00."

The business cards created by the Featured Artists Community are great!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome Designer and Illustrator Jolande Gerritsen!

Jolande has joined the Featured Artists Community at We are excited to feature all of the wonderful business card designs Jolande has created. You can view all of her professional designs here.

Jolande also owns her own design company, RegardDesign. Please take a moment to visit her website. She is also available for custom design work too. Please contact her through her website.

Floral Business Cards and More...

Recently we heard from another one of our fantastic customers who had this to say:

Your floral business cards are beautiful! I just ordered 500. Thanks for having the most beautiful designs I found on the web!

Catherine B.

Thanks to our Featured Artists Community, we have over 7000 excellent, high quality, professionally designed business card templates. We are adding new pages every week with exciting new card categories. If you're looking for a new business card for your personal or business use, check out all of our great designs today. We know you will find a design that matches up well with your needs.