Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sophie Martin is Now a Featured Artist!

Sophie Martin is now a part of the Featured Artists Community at PrintBusinessCard.com!

"I live in France, sometimes in Paris and sometimes in the south of France. I’m a freelancer dividing my time between photography, design and scouting locations for television and movies. As a locations finder I’m lucky enough to discover, visit, and photograph some beautiful scenes. I enjoy shooting with natural light; I also love to create digital concepts with Photoshop, or adding some effect to my original image."

Sophie has many exciting new card designs. Please take a moment to look through her professionally designed business cards.

Thanks for joining our community Sophie! We look forward to watching your sales increase as people begin to purchase your work.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Traveling to Asia? Don't forget your Business Cards!

I found a great article today about business cards. If you are going to be traveling abroad for business, especially to Asia, you should pay close attention to this article and its suggestions. Check out the full article here. Let me know your thoughts about it. I'd also like to hear from 'seasoned travelers' who have made visits to Asian countries and had experiences with business cards there. Thanks!

Our Newest Featured Artist is Mark Javer!

PrintBusinessCards.com is pleased to announce that Mark Javer has joined its Featured Artists Community. Mark has over 30 years of photography experience! He has created some excellent card templates. Please take a moment and check out all of his great designs by clicking here. Also, please visit Mark's own website at www.360photostock.com. He has some fantastic galleries there!

We are excited about Mark's decision to join our community. We look forward to participating in his success on our site! Thanks Mark!