Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Groupon - Can It Be Good for Your Company or Products?

Groupon has become one of the success stories that everyone loves to hear. With an amazing growth rate in less than two years, it has been able to link people's needs with businesses that want to sell its products. Groupon is able to help retailers who need the sales to remain in business or to bolster their business. Customers love the service because they think they are getting a bargain - and in many cases they certainly are.

For a business owner, it is a different way of advertising and one that can be very effective. Groupon uses the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, along with traditional email marketing, to spread the word and get the customers who are always looking for a good deal to purchase on of their deals of the day in specific geographic areas. Local business owners see it as an alternative to traditional advertising and are signing up in droves to get in on this popular selling tactic. Check out "What's the Secret Success of Groupon" for more information on their success and their incredible growth.

Groupon knows the value of social media and uses it to the advantage of local businesses that sign up with them. New businesses today are much more in tune with the social media concept than older, more established businesses so they have the advantage of understanding the power of this platform for marketing. It is really a simplistic approach to marketing that can transform your business if used correctly. Simply Zesty has a great article discussing the use of social media and the Groupon.

For businesses today, the world of the future includes the Groupon advertising concept that is really simple: involve local business, provide people with what they want, and give them a bargain at the same time. Everyone loves to think they got the best deal for something they buy. Why not try it?

Groupon offers businesses virtually everywhere across the United States the ability to "Get Featured" and "Run a Deal". The beauty using their service is exposure for business owners to their targeted geographic area. This is especially attractive to new start up businesses with products and services to offer. Through the use of the Groupon, a new business can get a one time, major "shot in the arm" publicity campaign that is really unrivalled. There are many case studies out and available on

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