Friday, March 28, 2008

New Marketing Library being Built at is in the process of building a new marketing library. With it, we hope to offer insight and tips on a host of marketing sectors. Whether you are a small business owner, large business owner, manager, just someone interested in marketing, or you are thinking of opening your own business, there is something here for you. Anytime you can read through an article or discussion on a particular topic and take away a nugget of information useful to your should be considered a success!

We are confident that the materials and topics we delve into here will ultimately be of use to you and your business ventures. Since we are involved with so many business owners and company leaders through our own marketing and products (business cards), we thought it would be helpful to us and everyone else to create a library on many of the popular marketing topics out there.

Check this Area Frequently for New Topics!

This is an area of our website that will always be under constant development. We will continue to add pages on marketing related topics and refine our information here. So, please check back often! We hope you enjoy this addition to our website. If you have an idea or marketing principle that you would like us to explore, please contact us at with your request.

New Categories added to has been busy creating new card categories on their site. Below is a list of newly published categories for business cards:

Preschool and Daycare

Martial Arts
Towing and Wrecker Services

The amount of cards and categories available at keeps growing every month! Do you have a suggestion for a particular category or card to offer? Let us know! Leave a comment here in the blog and we'll get on the job!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Business Card Etiquette

1. Cards should be clean, accurate, and easy to read. Remember, they represent you. Correcting info on your cards yourself is just plain tacky.
2. When given a card by someone else, treat it with respect, remember it represents them. Act as if it is important to you.
3. Read the card when it is handed to you, that way you can ask any questions immediately if they arise.
4. Keep the card out so you can discreetly refer to it if you forget a name.
5. Wait until an appropriate time to give your card out.
6. It is inappropriate to include business cards with thank you notes, congratulations, personal letters and notes.
7. Likewise do not hand them out in uncomfortable situations. Funerals, doctor's appointments, and other serious events are not the time for marketing.
8. Never be stingy with your cards, even if you are running out.

College Grads! Start your Career Search with a Business Card

It's that time of year. College graduates everywhere are hitting the job market looking for that first job in their career field. A business card is a great tool for college graduates interviewing for a new job. Potential employers will know you mean business when they see you've already invested in yourself. Take a few minutes to carefully think about the way you want to present and promote yourself and your abilities. While building your business card, treat it as a "mini-resume". Use the front of the card to list your name and contact information. Then, use the back of the card to promote your credentials, degrees, professional abilities, etc.

Creating a business card that accurately portrays your abilities to a potential employer may pay big dividends down the line. A great looking, professionally designed business card will assist you in making a good first impression. Potential employers will appreciate having your contact information at hand when they are ready to call you with your formal job offer!

If you are interested in creating a great looking, professionally designed and printed business card, go to With over 10,000 templates, we are confident that we can meet your business card needs!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Attention Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Companies!

Looking for a fresh way to start off the new season? Order a new, custom business card for your landscaping or lawn maintenance business. At, we have many excellent business card templates designed by our Featured Artist Community that are perfect for your business!

Check them out today by clicking here. Need your cards quick? We offer an incredible turnaround time. Generally, you will have your cards within 3 business days after ordering! Incredible!

With Spring just around the corner now is the best time to create a new landscaping or lawn maintenance business card. Give them out to all of your regular customers and let them be your 'business evangelists'! The best form of advertising is referrals. Make it even better when one of your customers can hand someone one of your business cards along with a great referral!