Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Check out the Card Designs by Robin Tomaszewski

While Robin is new to photo-
graphy, she displays an ability to capture great images! As a photography student with aspirations of becoming a full time photographer, Robin has created some great business card templates from her images in order to expand her portfolio offerings. Her templates cover a multitude of genres…landscape, architecture, sports, floral designs and many more. Check out all of her great business card templates here. Thanks for joining the Featured Artists Community Robin!

Kris Mercer’s Designs are an Excellent Choice for your Business!

As a very experienced photographer, Kris’ images are sharp, colorful and contain excellent subject matter. If you are looking for a fantastic design for your company or personal use, look no further! Check out all of Kris’ great templates here. We know you will find a great design! If you are interested in using Kris’ work in another format, please contact her through her website,

Norma Cornes, Featured Artist from the UK

Hailing from Cheshire, Norma Cornes has recently joined the Featured Artists Community on Her colorful and creative designs are definitely great choices for business cards. By choosing one of her designs you will definitely set your business apart from any other competition. Attention to detail, professional imagery and quality printing all combined to bring you a great looking business card. Check out all of her designs here. Pick one out and order today!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Massachusetts Graphic Designer Stacey Arsenault now has Business Card Templates Available

“I enjoy photographing just about everything imaginable, illustrations of textures/backgrounds/objects, print design and web design,” says Stacey.

Stacey offers many great card designs spanning a broad range of subject matters. Check out all of her designs on her featured artist page. If you are looking for an effective tool to generate more work for your business, a professionally designed business card by Stacey is a great choice.

Designer and Illustrator Amanda Bodack’s designs are now on is proud to announce that Amanda Bodack has joined the Featured Artists Community. Amanda specializes in character illustration, logo design, and vector illustration. Her favorite subject areas are business, bridal, maternity, shopping and club imagery. Check out all of Amanda’s great designs here. If you are interested in using Amanda’s talents to create a custom image for your company, please contact her through her website at

George Pappas has joined the Featured Artists Community

Well established photographer, George Pappas is the newest member of the Featured Artists Community on According to George:

“I have recently begun to experiment with computer artwork, specifically fractals and computer-generated images. In summary, I like it all, but still have a special affinity towards wildlife photos. I love to be outside enjoying the fresh air and listening to the birds’ sing, while I wait for my next great shot. I will be adding new images constantly, so please come back and check my portfolio frequently.”

Check out Wasim Ahmad’s Card Designs

Wasim Ahmad, the newest artist to join has some great looking business card templates. Check out all of his colorful, professional designs here. If you are looking for a vivid, eye-catching design, Wasim has a card sure to please you! As a graphic designer, Wasim enjoys focusing on food photography primarily. He has many great designs that would be perfect for a restaurant, chef, diner or food service related business.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Interested in becoming a Featured Artist?

Dear Artist,

Color Card Administrator, Inc (CCA) is looking to build a Community of Featured Artists on its main website,, who will be rewarded for the use of their images on business cards. This new site does not compete with the site on which you currently display your artwork. The benefits of our community include monetary compensation each time a customer chooses one of your images, regular contests, a profile of your creative design, and a network between fellow artists, as well as artists and customers. We envision this as a nice exchange: a way for us to build our community, while allowing you to market your artwork through our website.

Your Portfolio
In order to be a featured artist you will need to be proficient in Photoshop and display a minimum of 12 images. You will manage your online portfolio by adding or removing images as you choose. The only restrictions we place on your portfolio are that we do not allow nudity and recognizable photos of faces. We provide you with a list of the most frequently searched terms on our site, as well as an artist profile page, featuring your images, a biography that includes information about your work, and links to your personal website. Potential customers can view the images there and select them for their business cards. An article on our independent blog site will supplement the profile on your featured page.

Your Rewards
The artist is paid a flat rate of $5.00 USD for the purchase of a card with his/her image (for more details on how this works, please read through the Content License Agreement and the Content Provider Fee and Payment Agreement on our site). When a customer would to like to use your image on anything else beyond business cards (brochures, letterhead, promotional materials, etc.), they will need to contact you directly to negotiate fees and rights to your images. We may also send your images out as a supplemental update to the templates in our Easy Card Designer Catalog, which is placed in various retail stores throughout the USA. We will regularly have contests for cash and for recognition on our homepage. These contests are listed in the For Artists Only Forum, which you will be able to access once you register.

Your Forum
The Artist Forum gives you a chance to share techniques and ideas with other featured designers, and learn about different genres, etc. It also gives you an additional place to be contacted by customers who are interested in discussing work with you or the rights to your images. We look forward to this area developing and becoming a community that you enjoy.
In all, we are attempting to create unique, professional looking business cards that have widespread appeal. If you have images you’d like to share, please visit our artist sign up page.

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Tim McWhorter
Community Development Manager

Sunday, May 13, 2007

2000 New Business Card Templates!

The Featured Artists Community on has created and provided over 2000 new business card templates to the website. There are so many exciting new designs. We are confident that you will find a professional business card that is perfect for your business or personal use. Check out all of the great new templates today!

Thursday, May 10, 2007’s newest artist, Cheryl Kunde

Cheryl Kunde is the latest featured artist to join From food related businesses and travel agencies to basic business card templates, Cheryl has them all covered. Bright colors, sharp designs and professional printing combine to give you a perfect advertising showpiece for your company. Check out all of Cheryl’s fantastic designs on her page. To learn more about Cheryl and view her photography, visit her personal website.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Alice Mary De Haven-Herden has joined the Featured Artists Community is thrilled to feature Alice’s business card designs. Her unique images would be great for medical companies, computer techs, information technology companies and more. She also has some great abstract designs which will truly create a one of a kind business card for you. Please check out all of her great designs on her page. Alice also maintains her own website where you can view more of her artwork and photography at

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Nadezda Pyastolova is now featured on

The newest artist to join is Nadezda Pyastolova from Moscow, Russia. Nadezda (Nadya for short) has created some wonderful business card templates. Please take a look at her page to see all of the beautiful designs she has there. Her cards should have great appeal to dancers, dance studios, dance instructors, photographers and more. We are very pleased that she has joined the Featured Artists Community.