Friday, May 6, 2011

A Proud Sponsor of Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego

Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego rescues and provides quality foster care for injured, abandoned, abused and handicapped Chihuahuas in the San Diego area. This non- profit animal welfare group provides food, shelter, and medical attention to those small dogs that are in such need. CRSD places them in foster homes and helps to find a loving family to adopt them permanently.

In addition to food and shelter, CRSD provides spaying and neutering services and other medical attention for those Chihuahuas that have been abused or injured. Their love and wonderful care rehabilitates these little dogs so that they can live a life filled with love, happiness, and hope rather than neglect and mistreatment.

Chihuahuas are lively and likeable, comical and courageous, and above all sweet and saucy dogs that can bring love and joy into your home. These small dogs can feel threatened easily so in some cases they might not be a good fit with a family that has small children. But these spunky little dogs are a joy to have around and need the love of a family who appreciates them. It is therefore important to ensure that this small breed is the right pet for your home.

As a non-profit, CRSD relies on the support of volunteers, sponsors, and donations to keep their business going. They hold regular events at local pet stores and attend events such as the Annual Doggie Street Festival, Paws in the Park in Solana Beach and the Dog Days of Summer held in Cardiff by the Sea. All of these activities require help from volunteers and donations of goods and services to keep the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego afloat and able to sustain their worthwhile services.

As a sponsor of CRSD, Color Card Administrator is proud to assist this worthy cause that provides aid to small animals that have been subject to neglect or abuse and are well deserving of the care that they are receiving at CRSD. We admire the people who are dedicated to caring for these precious little Chihuahuas that are in such need and we look forward to continuing our support of this important non-profit that offers refuge for small dogs in the San Diego area.

If you're a business owner, we encourage you to get involved with a local non-profit organization in some capacity. There are many excellent local non-profit organizations in your area and we're confident that any help you offer to them will be well received and put to good use. Whether you offer products, services, or volunteer time through your company, rest assured that it will be a rewarding experience for not only the non-profit you're working with, but also for you and your staff. Get involved - you'll enjoy it.

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