Friday, May 6, 2011

Business Cards Make Good Sense for Job Seekers

Competition is tough today for job seekers who need every advantage to even get in the door for an interview. Once they get the interview, they need to have an edge that gets them noticed even more and makes them stand out in the crowd of people lining up for every potential job.

So - besides having the experience necessary and the credentials and qualifications that are required for the job, what can you do that is a little bit unique and that gets a potential employer to really focus on you? Most people think that having a good resume and a winning personality will land them the job if they get the interview - and in many cases that might be true. But sometimes a little bit of extra finesse can land you the job when an employer is deciding between two equally qualified candidates.

You could easily swing the vote in your favor with something as simple as a personal business card. A personal business card can have the usual contact information on the front of it with your name, address, e-mail, website, and phone numbers - as well as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. But you can dramatically change your card to include a mini resume on the reverse side listing your degrees, certifications and other unique characteristics that make you the most qualified for the job you are interviewing for. You can even personalize these cards for each interview to ensure that the information about your qualifications is perfectly suited for each company and position.

A personal job seeker business card shows the employer that you take yourself seriously and that you are very interested in their job. It shows you have initiative and it shows how innovative you are in your thinking. If you are looking for temporary positions or part-time work, then the mini resume on a card keeps it handy for an employer to call you when there is a need for your services.

On our main website, you will find cards suitable for any type of position with templates readily available to provide you with the best business cards to showcase your qualifications for a job interview and future work.

We also just launched the capability of ordering cards in quantities of 250. This gives you the opportunity to spend a little less, yet still have a professionally designed and printed card that will accurately reflect your professional desires.

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