Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google's New +1 Button is a Cool Way to Make Recommendations

A great new tool that has been introduced by Google is the +1 Button that makes it extremely easy to make recommendations about a new restaurant or the best choice for a dog groomer in the neighborhood. This excellent little referral tool can be used on your website or on your Google Account so that friends, clients, and folks who visit your website can essentially give your website or even a particular page on your site the "thumbs up".

For companies who depend heavily on their exposure on the Internet, the +1 system is simply another way to get site visitors to engage and involve themselves with your website. Do you routinely post new articles in a company or personal blog? If so, you should consider integrating the +1 feature onto individual posts/articles so that readers can visually share their agreement with everyone simply by clicking the Google Plus One button.

The way a +1 button works is this: you first have to have a public profile with Google and your +1's are all kept in a tab on your Google profile. It can be kept private or made public – all depending on how you want to manage it. An individual might like to just have his or her +1's sent to friends and contacts while someone who is looking to expand his business would want it kept public.

So…the next time you want to give a rave review about your dog Cocoa's new groomer or relate the best place to go fishing, you can use a +1 button to let everyone know you were impressed and highly recommend these places.

While the positive "bump" that a Plus One vote gives your site, page, or article may be minimal for search engine results, the visual results for visitors and readers is greater. When folks see that you have obviously made an impression with your article, they are more likely to read your post and vote themselves.

So, it's my opinion that Google Plus One is worth looking into and integrating into various places on your own site. Are you already using it? If so, please feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts and opinions on this new referral/recommendation system.

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