Thursday, August 4, 2011

7 Ways to "Green Up" Your Company's Office

Everyone has become more and more conscious of the need to be more earth friendly both at home and in the office. It really is amazingly simple to start making some minor changes that really don't require a lot of extra work or effort, yet yield some great results for our precious environment. In order to get started with some eco-friendly changes in your office, it's simply a matter of educating your employees on how to "green up" and help our planet and offer them a few tool needed to properly implement your new earth friendly changes.

Here are 7 easy steps that your office can take to "green up" the work place:

  1. Use Recycle Bins – One of the easiest first steps is to invest in some recycle bins or just put labels on regular trash bins: PAPER ONLY or CANS ONLY for all the soda cans that are used in an office.

  2. Replace Incandescent Lights – As lights burn out replace them with the efficient lighting CFL bulbs also known affectionately as the "twisty" bulbs. Ensure that all lights are turned off at the end of the day or as you leave a room to save on electricity.

  3. Economize on Paper – If you do not need to print something – DON'T! But if you do - then print it two-sided for office use to save on paper. Also start buying recycled paper. Did you know that the EPA estimates that 700 BILLION sheets of copy paper are used in the USA alone each year? That's a lot of trees! Recycling paper, working to reduce the amount of copies you make and purchasing recycled paper all work together to save trees and reduce landfill waste.

  4. Eliminate paper coffee cups and plates – Utilize reusable mugs, plates, and glasses or ask employees to bring their own. If you do not have a dishwasher, then each employee should be responsible for cleaning their own. If you must use disposable dishware for an event, consider using products made from sugar cane and corn. Not only are these produces made from abundant, renewable, sustainable resources, they also break down in landfills in no time flat - without any negative side affects.

  5. Install Water Flow Restrictors and Aerators on Faucets – If these are installed on toilets and faucets it will save thousands of gallons of water. Not only is it a good conservation tactic - this can be a long-term money-saver for your business too.

  6. Use Old Stationary for Scrap Paper – When you order updated stationary with a new logo or address, use the old paper for scrap or test printing so that it is not wasted.

  7. Use Green Cleaning Products – Ensure that whoever does the cleaning in the office uses green cleaning products. Reducing chemicals that make their way into our water is an important step that should be taken by every business and everyone in their own home too. There are many great cleaning products out that use safer, natural cleaning ingredients and still do an excellent job of cleaning and deodorizing your office.

These are just a few simple things that can be implemented without too much work and financial investment on your company's part. Rally your employees to make a conscious effort to adhere to the green guidelines that you create for your office. Help them understand why it's important and then...get to it!

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