Friday, March 18, 2011

Use a Photo on Your Business Card

Some might think that having a photograph on a business card is a little bit hokey – especially when it is a picture of you. But in some businesses, having your photo on your business card is an essential part of doing business. Other types of photos can also be used and might be more representative of the business that you are in - such as photography or a fishing boat charter business so you might have a photograph that represents the business rather than you.

A Photo Showcases Your Business

People have more confidence in your abilities when they see a photograph on your card because they like what they see. Realtors almost always have a photo of themselves on the card that readily identifies them for clients and potential customers. This will reassure people rather than put them off because people want to be comfortable with who they are doing business with.

A photographer might specialize in child portraits so that type of photo should be shown on the business card. If the person is a wildlife photographer you might see a photo of a lion or the other types of animals that he most often photographs. A charter boat owner or limousine company might show a photograph of his boat or limo on his card so the client knows exactly what he is going to be using.

First Impressions Are Important

A business card with a high quality photograph makes a great first impression and is always an important means of attracting new customers. Quality counts and if you take the time and effort to portray yourself and your business in such a positive way it will be worth the effort as business cards are usually the first things that a potential client sees – sometimes even before you have met. Photographs are great marketing tools that should enhance your business and attract customers while it shows off who you are and that you care about images as well as succeeding in your business.

So take a look at your business and decide if a photograph on your business card might not be a good idea for you and for your business. It is certainly worth looking into. It's not hard to find an online business card printing company that features photo business card services. Photo business cards are easy to create using the simple to use Card Editor at

Author Detals: Gayle Hawks is President of Color Card Administrator (CCA). CCA is comprised of a combination of online industries involving business cards, stock photography, and e-commerce Professional business cards software licensing.

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