Friday, March 18, 2011

Advantages of Two Sided Business Cards

Just about everyone carries a business card today no matter if you are a chef, a gardener or a dog trainer - even if you are a small business owner who works out of his home. It makes it easier to give someone your telephone number or email address without having to write it down. Business cards can be used for far more than just supplying a name and contact information and your website or Facebook account information.

Business Cards Can Be Multi-Purpose

For the gardener or the chef or even the dog trainer, they usually have to make appointments to carry on business. Likewise a hair dresser or an electrician has to make appointments - so why not use the reverse side of the business card to jot down the appointment and give to the customer? Doctors and dentists of have been using two sided business cards for years but it is now catching on that the small business owner can do the same thing!

Showcase Your Services

Another terrific idea to use for the reverse side of your business card is to list the types of services that you specialize in. A gardener can say that there is weekly or monthly maintenance and tree removal services. A dog trainer can say he holds classes for age groups or specializes in a particular method of training. The chef might have cooking classes that you are not even aware of until you see it on the back of the business card!

Market Your Wares

The blank space on your business card's back side is ideal as a place to advertise! It is a golden opportunity not to be missed so you should take advantage of it. Use the space to make people aware of ALL of your services. A client might not know the extent of your services or product lines unless you make them aware of them. It is an inexpensive marketing tool that will surely increase your sales and will definitely lead to new customers. Find a great business card printer who specializes in two-sided business card services. It is an easy way to advertise and keep people informed about your business.

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