Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Color Card Administrator Targets Information Security and Business Card Management with their newly designed Website

PrintBusinessCards.com is operated by Color Card Administrator, Inc. (CCA). CCA operates several business card websites. CCA’s specific focus on business cards is directly reflected in the high quality of their product and superior reputation maintained with its customers and business relationships. CCA is a true business card manufacturer and not a data collection company camouflaged as a business card company. Please take a moment to read The True Cost of Free and our Privacy Policy on their website to learn more about CCA’s commitment to its customer’s privacy.

CCA was created in October 2000 as a subsidiary of a large printing company located in San Diego, CA. It launched its first website PrintBusinessCards.com in the same year. In August 2002 CCA became an independent corporation and continues to expand its presence on the Internet each year.

PrintBusinessCards.com completed a major rewrite and upgrade of its entire website in February 2007. One of the most exciting additions is the Featured Artists Community. This new division creates an alliance between artists and CCA. Artist’s images are transformed into one of a kind, unique business cards. Each artist has a page on the website dedicated to information about them, links to their personal websites and the business cards with their images featured on their page. This unique community provides PrintBusinessCards.com with fresh, exciting images for great looking business cards and at the same time offer exposure to artists.

Along with the Featured Artists Community, CCA hosts a Community Forum. This forum allows customers, artists and the staff of CCA to interact. Since PrintBusinessCards.com only prints business cards, the intent is to give customers a forum to contact artists directly about using their images in other formats such as letterhead, brochures and other advertising media. As part of the Community Forum, they have included an area where customers can post their thoughts on PrintBusinessCards.com. Whether the posts are positive or negative, CCA wants to hear them. “With negative reviews, we of course will do whatever we can to please the customer. With positive reviews…well, we just like to enjoy the kudos,” says Mr. Harris, CEO of Color Card Administrator.

The Art of Business Cards is CCA’s newly minted blog site. On this site, CCA will be posting articles relevant to business card usage, creative designs, featured artists and customers who were really pleased with the way their cards turned out. The blog is intended to be fun and informative to its readers.

The following information has been pulled from CCA’s main website, PrintBusinessCards.com.

PrintBusinessCards.com operates in three major sectors:

1. Manage Cards. Managing your company’s business cards with us is very efficient and easy. You may have one person manage all of your business card input or allow all of your employees to input their own business card information. If multiple people are permitted to enter their own information, the business cards will be directed to a final person in your company for approval. It is free to put up as many templates as you would like to view for your company. Managing your company’s cards from this location is as easy as entering a couple lines of information for each of your employee’s business card. All of your desired company’s information can remain constant, such as your company’s address. This information will be repopulated in the business card template. This makes ordering new cards easier and reduces the chance for error. Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, this system allows you to private management your entire employee business card inventory.

2. Design Online. Our easy Online Design system is the easiest way for you to create a business card that represents you or your company perfectly. The design options available are endless. We feature thousands of images (over 3000 and growing), a variety of fonts, 14pt. glossy and 12pt. uncoated stock, borders, back printing...the list goes on and on. With the new addition of the Featured Artists Community, Design Online allows customers access to the finest images available for business cards.

3. Our Upload Feature. If you have already created a design for your company or wish to have a photo on your card, use our upload system to build a card that will make you proud. This feature allows customers the ability to take advantage of our high quality printing. Four color, offset printing is the only way we print our cards. This is the best process to create high quality business cards. This is also a great way to allow customers to update their cards if they use a personal photo. Each time they order new cards, they can choose to use an updated photo.

All three of these components are monitored constantly by their production staff. EVERY SINGLE CARD ORDER IS REVIEWED FOR ACCURACY AND QUALITY PRIOR TO BEING PRINTED. This is a great example of their dedication to quality and total customer service. All of this is backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. CCA will reprint your business cards for free if you are not completely satisfied.

CCA is in the service business. Quality customer service reigns supreme in everything they do. They use only the best paper, highest quality color system (CMYK) and offset printing presses. They also pride themselves on doing whatever is necessary to create happy, pleased customers.

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