Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Purchase the Artwork from Your Business Card!

Not only do you have the ability to purchase high quality, professionally designed business cards from PrintBusinessCards.com, but you can purchase the high resolution artwork used on your business card too!

Why would you want to buy the additional use image rights and the high resolution image file? Here are a few good reasons:

• Use the artwork on your website
• Create additional promotional products for your business based on the image (posters, brochures, sales flyers, etc.).
• Create letterhead, envelopes, and other business tools that match up with your business card. This will create a cohesive professional marketing package for your business, increasing the overall quality presentation of your business.
• Product Packaging
• Film and Video Presentations
• Commercials and Advertising Needs

By purchasing the high resolution image file and the additional use image rights, you give yourself the option to create a cohesive marketing and advertising program for your business. It’s a small expense that has the possibility of reaping big rewards for your company!

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