Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Clever Business Card Organizer

Here's a clever business card organizer. The price is right (around $10), it holds around 800 business cards and it's a unique looking desk accessory. Check it out at ThinkGeek.com.

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LUCJA said...

I recently ordered this card organizer, and I'm glad to hear that you found it to your liking. There's one thing, however, that I have failed to find. I am looking for a business card organizer that goes with the boss to the events and on the trips in which he can append the card to an information sheet where he marks important information. Ex: Met at the Foundation Dinner Awards. On such and such date. Introduced by Mr and Mrs so and so. Should be marked as a helper or potential donor in our system. This person should get our monthly newsletter and should be invited to our yearly yacht trip etc. etc.

Do you know of any such organizer?