Monday, October 15, 2007

Card Orders and Additional Image Rights

There are a multitude of great benefits for you when you order a business card designed by one of our Featured Artists (unrivaled quality, professional design, and unique imagery are a few of the benefits). For business owners, one of the greatest benefits comes from the ability to purchase image rights directly from the artist.

One such example of this occurred recently with our customer Thad M. The business card he ordered was designed by Liz Van Steenburgh (it's the template shown above). He then contacted us about purchasing additional usage rights for brochures, letterhead and other business media. Our Customer Service department quickly put him in touch with Liz, who in turn directed him to purchase the image through one of her online stock photo portfolios.

"I was able to purchase the picture from Liz for only $5.00."

The business cards created by the Featured Artists Community are great!

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