Sunday, February 18, 2007

Business Cards and Marketing Strategies

The book, Marketing for Dummies, by Alexander Hiam is a useful resource for any business owner or manager. In one particular chapter, it discusses the importance of making a great overall impression:

“Don’t forget that your business card has to appeal to prospects on a basic emotional or intuitive level, too. Imagine someone looking through a pile of cards that includes many competitors of yours. Why would a prospect pick out yours? What about your card makes it call out to people? Basically, your card needs to make a powerful, positive, personal impression. However, most cards don’t. Most are quite dull. Even the ones that are clean and professional generally emphasize information and ignore the need to make an impression. To make a good overall impression, strive for a sophisticated, professional image – with something different, such as a better-quality paper, a more beautiful logo, an unusual layout, a useful fact or inspirational quote printed on the back, or an attractive use of color to highlight your company name or logo. Above all, focus on a well-presented company name and logo.”

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